Linear gutters

A heavy rain shower can cause a lot of flooding in the garden. Gutters are intended to allow rainwater to flow away from the building in a controlled manner, while linear gutters ensure that the water can flow away or be collected in a measured manner at ground level. The Filcoten tec linear gutter uses an ingenious system to prevent flooding, based on a durable product that is easy to install. This way you can quickly install a linear gutter in the garden or on a terrace, both for new construction and an existing building. This linear gutter is also suitable for use in parking lots due to its high load-bearing capacity. You can read more about the function of linear gutters and the advantages of the Filcoten tec linear gutter on this page.

What is a linear gutter?

A linear gutter is part of a drainage system in which (precipitation) water is drained correctly. Two types of linear gutters can be distinguished:

  • Gutter drainage : This is a gutter that transports water to the desired location, for example a drain or a location in which rainwater is collected for later use.
  • Infiltration gutter : These linear gutters ensure a proportional and controlled release of water to the ground surface. This way you prevent flooding, puddles of water and improve soil quality.

A linear gutter on the terrace ensures that water does not cause any nuisance to the residents, with a linear gutter in the garden you ensure optimal watering of the plants and prevent puddles of water. The soil only has a limited capacity to absorb water, so with the use of linear gutters you can better regulate the water balance in the garden.

Filcoten tec linear gutters

There are various models of linear gutters with different characteristics, a tailor-made solution is possible for every application. The Filcoten tec linear gutter system not only offers high quality, but is designed in such a way that installation is very easy. The modular design makes it possible to connect multiple types of linear gutter. For example, you can install a different type of gutter for a linear gutter for the garden than for the terrace. The segments connect seamlessly with each other and integrate perfectly with the rest of the garden design.

There are even more advantages of the Filcoten tec linear gutter. For example, think of:

  • Lightweight materials were chosen. This makes installation easier.
  • The composition is very durable, you can enjoy a perfectly functioning drainage system for years.
  • Maintenance is minimal and simple. The grids ensure that the water is drained without leaves, branches and other contamination.
  • The modular design makes it possible to optimally configure the entire line for the specific situation.
  • The raw materials are environmentally friendly, the production process is 100 percent climate neutral.

Made for outdoors

Linear gutters have to endure quite a bit. They must be able to withstand extreme heat and cold. The Filcoten tec linear gutters are not only UV-resistant, which is ideal for sunny summer days, they can also handle severe frost and even road salt. A reassuring thought is that this brand of linear gutters has class A1 fire resistance. This means that in the event of a fire or another form of fire or heat, no harmful smoke is produced.

Durable linear gutters

The term sustainability can be explained in many ways, with the Filcoten tec linear gutter for the terrace or in the garden, everything has been thought of. First of all, 100 percent reusable materials are used. In addition, it is a high-quality product with quality class UA. The linear gutters comply with both ISO 14040 / 14044 or EN 15804 standards. This makes the system ideal for sustainable construction projects and also for inner-city projects and parking lots.

The material does not contain Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene or Xylene, these are also called BTEX substances. What is in the Filcoten tec linear gutter? The main building material is fiber concrete C65 / 70. In contrast to the common type M concrete, this fiber concrete is no less than 70 percent lighter in weight. This is practical during transport, it also makes installation on site considerably easier. The stability and high compressive strength meet the highest classification, based on non-polluting raw materials. This can rightly be called an excellent performance.

Linear gutters for patio and garden

If you are currently experiencing a lot of flooding in the garden, the Filcoten tec linear gutter will provide a solution. This linear gutter is also ideal for the construction of a new home or the construction of a terrace. The modular system can easily be installed in an already existing situation. For a new construction project, the architect does not have to take any limitations into account because so much is possible.

In addition, these products meet the strictest requirements in terms of sustainability and raw materials, which is certainly advantageous when constructing ecologically responsible buildings. In addition to terraces and gardens, the Filcoten tec linear gutters are also suitable for parking spaces, the load-bearing capacity is so high that even cars can drive over this material without any problems. At DWTN you will find the largest range in the Netherlands

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