There are different types of gutters for drainage. What is a concealed gutter? This means that the gutter is not or barely visible. There are no protruding parts or cracks. In addition to the aesthetically attractive character, it also provides a more maintenance-friendly gutter. A concealed concrete gutter looks neat and has a long lifespan. However, the construction of a concealed gutter can be somewhat more difficult than with traditional gutters. On this page we explain what the advantages are and what points you should take into account.

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Concealed literally means 'covered' or 'not noticeable'. Many gutters are clearly visible in the street scene and have a functional application. A concealed gutter is neatly concealed, making it fit perfectly into the environment. They offer all the features of a standard gutter and usually deliver better performance themselves. What are the main benefits of a concealed gutter?


  • A concealed gutter has no protruding edges, they are at the same level as the paving.
  • The appearance of a surface with a recessed gutter is sleek and modern. This gives the location a premium appearance.
  • A large number of sizes are available, which offers a high degree of flexibility when installing gutters. The most optimal configuration can be put together based on the project plan.
  • A concealed gutter made of concrete is very durable and resistant to all elements. This makes it a permanent solution for drainage with a minimum of maintenance.


Are there also disadvantages to a concealed gutter compared to other gutters? There are only advantages from a functional and aesthetic point of view, but there are some points that you should take into account if you are considering installing a concealed gutter.


First of all, installing a concealed concrete gutter is more complex than a standard gutter. It is therefore not recommended to do this yourself. The gutters must fit perfectly with the surrounding buildings, there must be no seams or cracks. This requires quite a bit of expertise, so always work with contractors who have experience with concealed concrete gutters.


The costs will usually be higher than with standard concrete gutters. This is more than compensated by the longer lifespan. However, it is an aspect to take into account, especially in large-scale projects. The budget will have to provide for this, if you assume standard prices you may end up with a tight budget. Don't forget to include installation costs. The price/quality ratio is excellent, it is a sustainable investment.


Maintenance will be necessary, this of course applies to all types of gutters, but it deserves mentioning. There are fewer cracks and no significant relief, which prevents deterioration and pollution. In certain situations and seasons, a hidden gutter can become clogged if it is not cleaned in time. So plan maintenance on time.


Get advice from a knowledgeable supplier so you can choose the best solution for every situation.

Hidden gutter

What exactly is a concealed gutter? What makes this type of gutter unique compared to other gutters is the way in which these elements are integrated with the environment. They are barely visible and fit perfectly to the road surface, sidewalk, veranda, etc. The drainage is optimal, there is much less deposits on the edges and dirt does not get stuck behind raised edges. A concealed concrete gutter is a very durable product that will last for years, both indoors and outdoors. Please note that indoor products have a different certification compared to concealed gutters intended for outdoor use. So don't just pay attention to the price, but take the technical specifications into account when purchasing a concealed gutter. Consider features such as:

  • Material : A concealed gutter made of concrete is very durable and robust.
  • Indoor/outdoor : Different values are generally applied for indoor use compared to outdoor use.
  • Weather type : A good concealed gutter made of concrete is resistant to high and low temperatures, drought and moisture.
  • Load : In situations such as a parking garage, a high load is desired, check the product specifications for the correct figures.
  • Dimensions : In addition to the diameter, the length of the concealed gutter also plays a role. With relatively short elements of approximately 2 meters it is easy to add an inspection grid or a sand trap. The challenges must be identified for each situation.

The diameter of a concealed concrete gutter may differ. The correct diameter will be determined based on the average volume of water that needs to be drained. In addition, there are a number of additional components such as a concrete sand trap and closing plate, which makes the system completely modular. An inspection grille provides easy access to a concealed concrete gutter. This makes checking the drain easy; in the event of a blockage, a report can be made immediately so that the obstruction can be quickly resolved.

Concealed gutters look neat, they are easy to maintain and durable. They therefore offer an excellent solution for drainage in various situations.

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