Concrete cable duct Delta T 50x250cm internally

Concrete cable duct Delta T 50x250cm internally. Height 50-150cm

Customization for Complex Cable Infrastructure

Concrete cable ducts with a variable width of 50-250cm and a height of 50-150cm provide a comprehensive solution for complex cable infrastructure needs. With a focus on customization, durability and versatility, these ducts enable companies to achieve advanced cable management in various applications.

Main Features of Concrete Cable Tray 50-250cm Wide, 50-150cm High:

  1. Variable Dimensions: The range of width and height options makes these concrete cable trays suitable for a variety of installations. From narrow aisles to wide industrial facilities, they adapt to specific needs.

  2. Modular Configuration: The modular design of these gutters allows for flexible configuration. Sections can be combined to create tailor-made solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project.

  3. Robust Concrete Construction: Made from high-quality concrete, these gutters provide a robust and durable infrastructure. They can withstand heavy loads, shocks and remain functional under demanding conditions.

  4. Efficient Cable Management: With a wide range of internal sizes, these ducts provide efficient cable management. Clear conductors and spaces provide structured cable routing, simplifying installation and maintenance.

  5. Fire Resistance: Concrete has inherent fire-resistant properties, which improves the overall fire safety of the installation. It contributes to controlling fire and minimizes smoke development.

  6. Versatile Applications: These ducts are used in various sectors, such as industrial complexes, commercial buildings and infrastructure projects, where versatile cable infrastructure is crucial.

Areas of application:

  • Industrial facilities with complex cable structures
  • Commercial buildings with different cabling needs
  • Infrastructure projects with challenging environments

Concrete cable ducts with variable width and height offer companies the flexibility to achieve advanced cable management, tailored to the specific requirements of their projects.


Possible dimensions

Width in mm   Height in mm
500 Each 500
600 width 600
700 is 700
800 at 800
900 to combine 900
1000 of 1000
1200 each 1200
1500 height 1300
2000   1400
2500   1500


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