Concrete infiltration gutter 50-250x50-150cm

Concrete infiltration channel modular

wide 50-250cm, height 50-150cm

An in-depth exploration for efficient rainwater management

Modular infiltration channels offer an innovative and sustainable solution for effective water management in various environments. These gutters are designed with modularity as a core concept, making them adaptable to different requirements and environments. Here are some key features and benefits of modular infiltration channels:

1. Modularity and Flexibility: Modular infiltration channels consist of separate elements that connect seamlessly with each other. This allows them to be adapted to specific lengths, widths and shapes, creating a flexible solution for varying terrain conditions.

2. Water infiltration: The modular design of these gutters allows infiltration of rainwater, which is essential for sustainable water management. They act as a buffer against rainwater flooding and reduce the burden on sewer systems.

3. Durability and Resistance: Made of high-quality concrete, modular infiltration channels provide durability and long-lasting performance. They are resistant to vehicle loads and other environmental influences.

4. Easy Installation: The modular design makes installation of these gutters relatively easy. They can be installed quickly and efficiently, resulting in lower installation costs.

5. Easy to maintain: In the event of maintenance or adjustments, modular infiltration channels are easy to inspect and maintain. If necessary, specific modules can be easily replaced.

In short, modular infiltration channels provide a versatile, durable and aesthetically pleasing solution for effective water management. Whether it concerns parking lots, roads or other surfaces, these gutters contribute to the responsible and efficient use of rainwater.

Possible dimensions

Width in mm   Height in mm
500 Each 500
600 width 600
700 is 700
800 at 800
900 to combine 900
1000 of 1000
1200 each 1200
1500 height 1300
2000   1400
2500   1500


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