Concrete cable ducts connect - 600KN

Seamless Integration of Cable Infrastructure

Concrete cable ducts FILCOTEN connect are an advanced solution for the management and protection of cabling in a variety of environments. These innovative ducts, developed by BG-Graspointner, take cable infrastructure to the next level through seamless integration and superior performance.

Main Features of Concrete Cable Trays FILCOTEN connect:

  1. Modular Connectivity: FILCOTEN connect is designed with modular connectivity as a starting point. This makes it possible to easily connect different sections together, creating a seamless and flexible cabling infrastructure.

  2. Durability and Strength: Made from high-quality concrete, FILCOTEN connect gutters offer exceptional durability and strength. They can withstand heavy loads and are resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for demanding environments.

  3. Integrated Drainage: In addition to cable management, FILCOTEN connect also offers integrated drainage options. This prevents water accumulation and minimizes the risk of corrosion, which extends the lifespan of the cable trays.

  4. Secure Cable Routing: The design of FILCOTEN connect ensures secure routing of cables. With clearly marked areas and conductors, cables can be installed and maintained in an orderly manner, minimizing the chance of failure.

  5. Easy Installation: FILCOTEN connect gutters are designed for easy and quick installation. The modular structure makes it possible to create tailor-made configurations, allowing installers to work flexibly and efficiently.

  6. Fire-resistant Properties: The concrete used in FILCOTEN connect is inherently fire-resistant, meaning the gutters contribute to the general fire safety of the environment. This is crucial in situations where fire safety is of great importance.

  7. Aesthetic Design: In addition to functionality, attention has also been paid to the aesthetic aspect of FILCOTEN connect. The modern and sleek design makes these concrete cable ducts suitable for various architectural environments.

  8. Environmentally friendly: FILCOTEN values sustainability, which is why FILCOTEN connect gutters are environmentally friendly. The use of concrete, a natural material, and its long lifespan contribute to a responsible choice for cable infrastructure.

Areas of application of FILCOTEN connect:

  • Industrial complexes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Public places
  • Infrastructure projects

Concrete cable ducts FILCOTEN connect not only provide an advanced cable management solution, but also represent an investment in reliable and efficient cable infrastructure for the long term.

Technical specifications:

  • Load class E, 600KN
  • Material of the gutter; FILCOTEN HPC (High-Performance Concrete)
  • Length 500mm, 1000mm
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