Concrete drainage channels with slot attachment

Discover our drainage channels with slot attachments. Durable and efficiently designed for water drainage. Perfect for various applications. Watch now!

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Concrete drainage channels with slot attachment

Slot channels with a load class of C/D, 250/400KN are a commonly used solution for drainage needs in various environments, such as parking lots, roads and industrial locations. These gutters are designed to provide high water drainage capacity while withstanding heavy loads from vehicles and traffic.

The slot gutters are made of durable material, such as concrete in combination with stainless steel or Corten steel slot attachment, making them resistant to corrosion, wear and weather influences. The slot attachment ensures efficient water drainage and prevents clogging by leaves, dirt and other debris.

With a load rating of 250KN/400KN, these trenches can withstand heavy vehicles and traffic, making them ideal for applications where there are intense loads, such as trucks and heavy equipment. This makes them suitable for use on busy roads, market squares, streets and industrial locations where heavy traffic is common.

The slot gutters are available in different lengths and widths to meet the specific requirements of each project. They can also be customized with accessories such as inspection hatches, end pieces and connectors to fit seamlessly with the design and functionality of the drainage installation.

All in all, slot channels with slot attachment, class C/D, 250KN/400KN provide an effective and durable solution for drainage needs in heavy traffic environments. Their robust construction, high load capacity and adaptability make them a reliable choice for various applications within infrastructure and industry.

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