Concrete cable duct Prefaest HRI - D400KN

with cast iron diamond plate

Sustainability and Functionality in One Solution

The concrete cable duct Prefaest HRI with cast iron diamond plate combines durability with a high functional level. This advanced cable duct is designed to meet the requirements of modern infrastructure projects, where robustness and a professional appearance are crucial.

Main Features of Concrete Cable Tray Prefaest HRI with Cast Iron Checker Plate:

  1. Durable Concrete Construction: The HRI cable tray maintains its strength and structural integrity thanks to the durable concrete construction. It provides reliable support and protection for cables.

  2. Cast Iron Checker Plate: The addition of a cast iron checker plate increases load capacity and adds an aesthetic element. It provides grip, protection and prevents slipping, making it suitable for a variety of environments.

  3. Custom Configuration: The modular design of the Prefaest HRI allows adjustments to specific project requirements. Various sections can be combined for optimal cable infrastructure.

  4. Efficient Cable Routing: Internal dimensions are tailored to modern cable needs, allowing efficient cable routing. Clear guides and spaces simplify installation and maintenance.

  5. Fire Resistance: Concrete as a material offers inherent fire resistance properties, which improves the overall fire safety of the installation.

  6. Versatile Applications: The Prefaest HRI with cast iron diamond plate is suitable for various environments, including industrial complexes, commercial buildings and infrastructure projects.

Areas of application of Concrete Cable Tray Prefaest HRI with Cast Iron Checker Plate:

  • Industrial facilities with complex cable structures
  • Commercial buildings with varying cabling needs
  • Public spaces where grip and safety are essential

The Prefaest HRI with cast iron diamond plate not only offers durability and functionality but also a professional appearance, making it an ideal choice for modern cable infrastructure.

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