Backflow protection Staufix Basic - faecal-free

Protect your home against flooding with the Staufix Basic backwater protection. Easy installation, reliable operation. Prevent water damage now!

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Backflow protection Staufix Basic

The solid solution for faecal-free wastewater.

Reliable, durable and affordable: these properties do not have to be mutually exclusive. Our backflow protection Staufix Basic proves this. It is the ideal solution to protect individual drainage objects such as showers, sinks and washing machines below the backwater level.

The Staufix Basic is available in types 0, 1 and 2. Type 2 has two freely hanging backwater valves, which protect against the ingress of water from the sewer during backwater. In addition, one of these valves can be manually locked with an emergency valve. The Staufix Basic can be retrofitted.

Backwater preventers, such as the Staufix Basic, are essential components of sewer systems. The Staufix Basic is designed to prevent waste water or sewage from flowing back into the building during heavy rain or overflowing sewers. This reliable backwater protection is easy to install and provides effective protection against flooding and water damage. With its durable construction and reliable operation, the Staufix Basic provides peace of mind and safety in homes and buildings.

Installation above the floor

The Staufix Basic can be installed in an exposed waste water pipe, making it particularly suitable for subsequent installation in basement areas. The “cleaning tube basic element” variant can be used as a cleaning access point.

Trouble-free operation, maintenance without tools

The Staufix Basic is made entirely of plastic , so that it is protected against corrosion. But that's not the only thing that makes it easy to maintain : thanks to the practical quick-release fasteners, the backflow preventer can be opened for maintenance without tools. 

Ideal for renovations

If a backflow preventer does not fit into the existing pipe, this may entail additional work and costs. The gradient of the Staufix Basic is only 7 mm from inlet to outlet, so that it can be integrated without any problems.

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