Concrete grid gutters light, C250KN

Concrete grid gutters light - C250KN

The FILCOTEN light grid channels are an innovative drainage solution designed to meet the requirements of modern infrastructure projects. These grid channels combine durability, functionality and aesthetics to meet the needs of a variety of applications, from residential driveways to commercial parking lots and public spaces.

The FILCOTEN light grid channels are made from high-quality FILCOTEN concrete, resulting in a lightweight yet very strong drainage channel that can withstand heavy loads. The material offers excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, UV resistance and chemical resistance, making it ideal for use in various environments and climates.

The smart design of the FILCOTEN light grid channels includes a range of pre-cast and integrated grids that ensure efficient water drainage while preventing dirt and debris from clogging the drain. These grilles are available in a variety of styles and materials, including galvanized steel, stainless steel and cast iron, allowing them to be tailored to the specific aesthetic and functional requirements of the project.

The installation process of the FILCOTEN light grid gutters is simple and efficient thanks to the modular design and the light weight of the material. This makes it a cost-effective solution that saves time and labor during installation.

In short, the FILCOTEN light grid channels offer a versatile and reliable solution for drainage needs in a variety of applications, with a combination of durability, functionality and aesthetics that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.


Material properties of the gutters FILCOTEN light

The FILCOTEN light grid channels are made of a robust and durable material that is resistant to chemical substances. This makes it very suitable for various applications. In addition, the FILCOTEN light has a long lifespan, making it a cost-effective solution for both temporary and permanent projects. The material is also easy to clean, which ensures easy maintenance and a hygienic environment. In addition, the FILCOTEN light is weatherproof, making it resistant to extreme weather conditions such as rain, frost and UV radiation. In short, the material properties of the FILCOTEN light grid channels make it a reliable and versatile choice for various applications.

Areas of application of FILCOTEN light gutters

The FILCOTEN light grid channels are a versatile solution that can be used in various environments. One of the areas of application of these gutters is in public spaces such as parks, squares and shopping streets. By placing the grid gutters in these areas, rainwater and other waste water can be drained efficiently, preventing flooding and pollution. In addition, the FILCOTEN light can also be used in parking lots and parking garages. The robust design of the gutters allows them to withstand medium loads, making them suitable for draining water and dirt from vehicles. Finally, the grid gutters are also suitable for sports fields and stadiums. By placing gutters around the field or under the stands, rainwater can be drained quickly and efficiently, improving playing conditions. In short, the FILCOTEN light grid channels offer a reliable and effective solution for various areas of application.

Installation process of the FILCOTEN light grid gutters

The installation process of the FILCOTEN light grid channels starts with the preparation of the substrate. It is important to determine the correct dimensions and excavate the area where the gutter is to be placed. The underlay is then placed to create a sturdy base for the gutter elements. The gutter elements of the FILCOTEN light are then carefully placed in the excavated trench. Connecting the gutter elements is a crucial step to ensure that the gutter functions properly. Finally, the installation is completed and checked to ensure that everything functions properly. With the FILCOTEN light grid channels, water drainage can be achieved in an efficient and sustainable way.

Maintenance and cleaning of the gutters FILCOTEN light

Maintenance and cleaning of the FILCOTEN light grid channels is essential to ensure that they continue to function optimally. Regular cleaning with water and a brush is recommended to remove dirt and other waste. This keeps the gutters free of blockages and allows the water to drain properly. It is important to regularly remove leaves, branches and other debris from the grid gutters. This prevents blockages and ensures that the water can flow away unhindered. By checking and cleaning this regularly, you prevent problems and the gutters remain in good condition. It is also important to inspect the grate gutters for any damage or loose parts. Check the grille regularly for cracks, breaks or other defects. If necessary, damaged parts can be replaced to ensure the functionality of the gutters. Finally, it is advisable to periodically check and clean the drain pipes. Dirt and waste can build up in the pipes, which can lead to blockages and flooding. A thorough inspection and cleaning of the drain pipes prevents these problems and ensures good water flow. By carrying out regular maintenance and cleaning of the FILCOTEN light grid channels, they remain in optimal condition and the water can drain properly. Checking for blockages, inspecting the grate and cleaning the drain lines are important steps to prevent problems and maintain the functionality of the gutters.




Minimal weight

Maximum Robustness

Resistant to extreme temperatures and UV light

  • FILCOTEN® HPC enables a lightweight construction
  • quick and easy installation
  • dimensionally stable and robust concrete elements
  • highest stability and durability
  • high compressive strength, far exceeding the requirements of EN1433
  • highest resistance to frost and road salt
  • UV resistant


Perfect connection with concrete bed

High drainage capacity

  • Building material non-flammable - class A1
  • so no harmful smoke development
  • ideal coefficient of expansion, identical to the concrete environment
  • low water absorption and penetration depth
  • smooth channel surface for high drainage performance and best self-cleaning effect




Verified Life Cycle Assessment

Sustainable production

Resources are fully conserved

  • more ecological transparency, according to ISO 14040/14044 or EN 15804
  • perfect for sustainable construction projects
  • Production with 100% green energy
  • resource-saving manufacturing process
  • 100% recyclable, certified
  • Quality class UA (certified by the Bautechnische Versuchs und Forschungsanstalt Salzburg)


Certified sustainability and low emissions
  • Certified environmental and energy management according to ISO 14001 or 50001 at the Oberwang / AT location
  • Certified building biology material that meets the strict test criteria of the Institute for Building Biology Rosenheim (IBR) with regard to heavy metals, VOCs, biocides and radioactivity, styrene-free


FILCOTEN® HPC, environmentally friendly without BTEX substances

An environmental certificate has been issued by the IBR (Institut fur Baubiologie Rosenheim) for the BG-FILCOTEN® grid gutters. The building material FILCOTEN® HPC does not contain any BTEX substances. BTEX stands for Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylenes

FILCOTEN® HPC is a building material composed of fiber concrete C60/75. Compared to classic concrete channels of type M, the weight saving of 70% provides advantages in transport and handling. The biggest advantage is that FILCOTEN® HPC drainage channels have the dimensions and approximately the same weight as those of polymer concrete drainage channels, but do not contain the so-called chemical BTEX substances.

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