Concrete cable ducts Delta T - 600KN

Robust infrastructure for advanced cable management

Concrete cable ducts Delta T represent the essence of sustainable and efficient cable management in various applications. Known for their robust construction and versatility, these high-quality cable trays provide a solid foundation for organizing and protecting cables in a variety of environments.

Main features of concrete cable trays Delta T:

  1. Robust construction: Delta T cable ducts are constructed from high-quality concrete, resulting in a robust and durable infrastructure. They can withstand heavy loads, shocks and extreme weather conditions.

  2. Modular Flexibility: Delta T's modular design allows for customization to specific needs. By combining the different sections, custom configurations are created, making the gutters suitable for various installations.

  3. Advanced Cable Management: Delta T provides a structured environment for cable routing. Clear conductors and clearances allow cables to be installed, managed and maintained efficiently, minimizing the risk of failure.

  4. Seamless integration: The seamless integration of Delta T cable trays makes them suitable for various applications, from industrial complexes to commercial buildings. They adapt effortlessly to different environments.

  5. Fire resistance: Concrete has intrinsic fire-resistant properties, which means that Delta T cable ducts contribute to the general fire safety of installations. They provide protection against fire and minimize smoke development.

  6. Easy to maintain: Delta T cable trays require minimal maintenance thanks to their durable construction. This results in lower operating costs and fewer disruptions during maintenance work.

  7. Environmentally friendly: Concrete, as a natural material, makes Delta T cable trays an environmentally friendly choice. They have a long lifespan and are recyclable, which contributes to sustainability.

Areas of application of Delta T Cable Trays:

  • Industrial installations
  • Commercial complexes
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Public places

Concrete cable ducts Delta T not only provide a solid foundation for cable infrastructure, but also an advanced solution for efficient cable management in a variety of environments.



Load class A/E, 15-600KN

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