Self-supporting grate gutter HRI 600, 510-540mm wide

Discover Prefaest HRI 600 self-supporting grid gutter - Durable, powerful and stylish. Optimal water management for a modern living environment. Order now!

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Self-supporting grate gutter HRI 600, 510-540mm wide

Prefaest HRI 600 self-supporting grid gutter offers an innovative and efficient solution for water drainage in various environments. With their unique design and high-quality materials, these gutters are a reliable choice for a sustainable and effective water management system.

Features of Prefaest HRI 600 grid gutter:

  1. Self-supporting Design: Prefaest HRI 600 gutters are designed with a self-supporting structure, providing extra strength and stability. This makes them suitable for various loads and conditions.

  2. High-Quality Materials: Manufactured from durable materials such as reinforced concrete, Prefaest HRI 600 gutters provide corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance, even under demanding conditions.

  3. Optimal Water Drainage: The advanced design of the grilles ensures efficient water drainage, preventing flooding and minimizing the risk of damage to property.

  4. Flexibility in Application: Whether residential, commercial or industrial applications, Prefaest HRI 600 gutters easily adapt to different environments and provide a versatile water management solution.

  5. Easy Installation: The modular design of Prefaest HRI 600 gutters allows simple and quick installation, resulting in cost savings and less inconvenience during installation.

  6. Aesthetically Attractive: In addition to functionality, Prefaest HRI 600 also pays attention to aesthetics. The streamlined design and choice of different finishes contribute to a visually appealing solution.

  7. Environmentally Friendly: Made with sustainability in mind, Prefaest HRI 600 gutters are an eco-friendly choice, taking into account the impact on the environment over their lifespan.

In short, Prefaest HRI 600 self-supporting grid channels combine functionality, durability and aesthetics to meet the diverse requirements of modern water drainage systems. Invest in the future of water management with Prefaest HRI gutters for a reliable and effective solution.

Properties of the drainage channel

  • Self-supporting drainage channel Type I (EN 1433)
  • High-quality self-compacting concrete C 55/67 W+R provided with a reinforcement mesh (resistant to frost, salts, petrol, oil, etc.)
  • Length = 2.25 m
  • Sturdy wide edge protection in galvanized steel connected to the reinforcement
  • Tongue and groove system with recess (also for male/female end plates) that is sealed to ensure a watertight system
  • Quick installation due to the length (2.25m) and the presence of pins for alignment
  • Length, mass of elements and pins ensure the stability of the gutter
  • Equipped with 2 lifting loops to lift the elements

Properties of the grid

Banana grid (D400 - F900):

  1. Pre-assembled grille made of high-quality nodular cast iron FGS 500-7
  2. Length = 0.75 m
  3. Delivered bolted (stainless steel) to the site (not visible through protective sleeves):
    (D, 400KN) 2 stainless steel bolts; (F, 900KN) 4 stainless steel bolts per grid
  4. Non-slip surface and water guides
  5. Absorption surface: 810 cm2/m

Download the HRI grate gutter brochure here

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