Prefab concrete pump pits

Sewerage is generally a matter of free decay. Even if the difference in height is less than 1%, the wastewater flows naturally to the lowest point of the central sewage system. When there is no free fall of the domestic or industrial waste water to this central sewage system or when the location is too far away from this central sewage system, a pump sump is the solution to automatically discharge the waste water to the right place. DWTN has extensive experience in the pumping station market and has been selling pumping stations per year in Belgium and the Netherlands for years.

Pump wells from DWTN

DWTN develops, manufactures and supplies safe, sustainably produced pumping stations. Innovation is paramount here. The pumping stations of DWTN are made of quality materials (prefab) reinforced concrete and therefore very resistant to heavy traffic loads. DWTN pump sumps are available in various standard sizes ranging from 800 mm to 2800 mm.

Advantages of DWTN Pomp Sumps

• Due to the standardization of the pumping wells, each new project does not have to be recalculated by a design office.
• Constructed from modular elements plus rubber ring connection.
• Possibility to build in all kinds of materials for the proper functioning and easy installation of the pump.
• Adjustment to, for example, a higher capacity at a later stage.
• All wells comply with the toughest environmental class XA3.
• Can withstand a heavy traffic load.
• Fast delivery through DWTN's large distribution network.


  • Terrain drainage, such as ramps, loading pits and at low-lying drainage systems.
  • Building drainage, such as parking garages, basements, also for water containing faeces
  • In combination with sludge traps, oil or grease separators
  • Slightly polluted industrial wastewater

More information?

Would you like more information about DWTN pumping stations? Please contact the DWTN Sales Department.


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