Sedipoint, cleaning and filtering rainwater

Sedipoint - Cleaning and filtering rainwater

The SediPoint purifies heavily polluted rainwater by allowing undissolved components to settle (sedimentation) below the flow inhibitor. The SediPipe achieves a particularly high efficiency and removes undissolved components with a size of < 0.06 mm from the rainwater runoff. Fine sand and coarse sediment are captured for 100% in the SediPoint system.

Flow Inhibitor
The operation of the SediPoint is effective and innovative. The innovation is mainly due to the patented grids specially developed for this purpose – the flow separators. Sediment and heavy metals bound thereto cannot wash out if they have settled under the flow inhibitor.

The SediPoint is standard equipped with a built-in Bypass. Any light liquids (mineral oils) that are in the oil depot at the top of the SediPoint cannot be rinsed out by the Bypass either. Extra safety for you and the environment!

Ease of installation & traffic load
The SediPoint is delivered from stock. The innovative construction allows you to determine the correct connection height on site. Because there is no height difference between the inlet and outlet; the SediPoint can be easily installed; also in an existing piping system.

The SediPipe L-plus can withstand heavy traffic as standard.

Hassle-free maintenance
The maintenance interval is: 2 years. The SediPoint can be easily emptied from above with a standard sewer cleaner.

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