Sedipipe Level, cleaning and filtering rainwater

Sedipipe Level - Cleaning and filtering rainwater

To protect watercourses and the infiltration system

Rainwater falls on roads, squares, roofs, stadiums and many other paved surfaces. Wherever it is not cleaned naturally, our task begins: The protection of watercourses and infiltration systems against the discharge of undesirable substances. Stones, leaves, sand and especially fine and very fine substances must be removed from the rainwater to protect the infiltration system against these contaminants. To protect the environment, harmful substances that are partly bound, such as PAHs and oil, must be removed from the rainwater. Technical solutions such as SediPipe and SediPoint are very suitable for removing contaminants from rainwater. These cleaning systems are efficient, safe, durable and require little maintenance.

Cleaning with SediPipe

An overview of the benefits

  • Proven cleaning capacity for sedimentation and separation of light liquids
  • Optimized settling process and collection of fines by regularizing the flow
  • Contaminants are guaranteed to remain in the depot thanks to the flow separator
  • Application of SediPipe possible in small to very large catchments
  • Simple and fast installation thanks to prefabricated installations
  • No surface space required – completely underground
  • Space-saving installation, minimal space required due to installation in the sewer route and under existing surfaces
  • Easy maintenance using conventional sewer cleaning techniques
  • Cleaning interval 1 to 4 years
In SediPipe level installations, the inlet and outlet are at the same height. As a result, a smallest possible installation depth of the discharge pipe or of the subsequent infiltration system can be achieved.
For the treatment of contaminated rainwater runoff with inlet and outlet at the same height and a universal pipe connection for all facilities behind it. In dry weather, the installation stops light liquids.
Inlet and outlet angle
Straight ahead, right, left
Connectable surface
Depending on the type, up to 23,350 m2 (in accordance with DWA-M 153)
Performance certificate and measurement
Compliant with DWA-A 102-2/ BWK-A 3-2
Installation types and maximum paved surface to be connected (calculated with 20 l/s.ha)
  • SediPipe Level 400/6 – 3000 m 2
  • SediPipe Level 500/6 – 3750 m 2
  • SediPipe Level 600/6 – 4900 m 2
  • SediPipe Level 500/12 – 6450 m 2
  • SediPipe Level 600/12 – 9950 m 2
The SediPipe consists of
  • a PE starting pit with slip collection (DN500 raising shaft)
  • a sedimentation tube DN/400/500/600 in counter slope with lower flow inhibitor
  • a PE end well with a diving wall for the retention of light liquids (uplift shaft DN500)

Connection in and outlet possible up to DN315.

Cleaning ability demonstrated by the following independent institutes;
  • TU Delft and Tauw
  • TÜV Rheinland LGAHTWK
  • I T
  • IFS Hanover

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