Sedipipe L-Plus, rainwater purifying facility

SediPipe L-Plus, rainwater purifying facility

The SediPipe L-Plus purifies heavily polluted oil-containing rainwater by allowing undissolved components to settle with the lower flow inhibitor and to separate light liquids (such as mineral oils) from the water through the upper flow inhibitor.

The SediPipe L-Plus achieves the same cleaning values as a coalescence separator in accordance with NEN-EN 858. The SediPipe achieves a particularly high efficiency of 86% and thereby removes undissolved components with a size of < 0.06 mm from the rainwater run-off. Fine sand and coarse sediment are 100% captured in the SediPipe system. The bulkhead in the end well protects the oil depot against washout.

Cleaning the rainwater for discharge to open infiltration basins, installation for a pipe infiltration system, installation for a Rigofill crate system.

Ease of installation & traffic load
The SediPipe L-plus is delivered from stock. The innovative telescope construction allows you to achieve the correct connection height and angle of rotation on site. Because there is no height difference between the inlet and outlet; the SediPipe L-plus can be easily installed; also in an existing piping system.

Installation of a SediPipe L-Plus under heavy traffic is possible.
Hassle-free maintenance
A standard vacuum truck + nozzle will need +/- 1 hour for the total cleaning of the SediPipe.
Installation types and maximum paved surface to be connected (calculated with 20 l/s.ha)
  • SediPipe L-Plus 600/6 – 4900 m 2
  • SediPipe L-Plus 600/12 – 9950 m 2
  • SediPipe L-Plus 600/18 – 12350 m 2
  • SediPipe L-Plus 600/24 – 18850 m 2
The SediPipe consists of
  • a starting pit PE DN800 with slip collection
  • a sedimentation tube DN600 in counter-slope with lower and upper flow inhibitor
  • a PE DN800 end well with diving wall for the retention of light liquids
Connection inlet and outlet standard DN315 or DN400.
Cleaning ability demonstrated by the following independent institutes;
  • TU Delft and Tauw
  • TÜV Rheinland LGAHTWK
  • I T
  • IFS Hanover


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