Inspection pit with flow limiter Rigolimit V

For rainwater collection systems. Includes profile sealing ring and insert. Adjustable discharge flow rate depending on the back-up height from 0.5l/s to 80 l/s.

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Pit with flow limiter – RigoLimit V

Rainwater flow control through vortex technology

RigoLimit V – flexible and compatible

As soon as infiltration is impossible or the connected flow is too high, buffering with delayed drainage is switched over. A well with an integrated swirl valve, a flow limiter, has been developed especially for this purpose. The RigoLimit V can be used to discharge the flow rate of rainwater from overflow basins, buffer basins and other buffer installations with a preset maximum flow rate and thus prevent nuisance. The special thing about the RigoLimit V is that the well body itself serves as a swirl valve element. The tangential flow of water in the shaft body creates a vortex that self-regulating reduces the discharge due to hydraulic resistance. The large diameter of the restriction cover minimizes the risk of clogging. The energy and cleaning effect of the water vortex also prevent the drain from clogging. When the drain requirements change, for example when the catchment area is expanded, the used restrictor cover can be replaced without any problem and the drainage capacity can be adjusted afterwards.

RigoLimit V – clear advantage

System advantages of the vertebral technique
  • Large drain cross-section – no clogging hazard
  • Self-cleaning through vortex effect
  • High drainage capacity during all operating conditions
  • Emptying within a very short time
  • Nearly constant discharge
  • Self-activating and purely hydraulically controlled – no external energy
  • No movable parts – no wear
Simple installation
  • Measured and prefabricated by FRÄNKISCHE
  • Immediately ready for installation
  • Easy inclusion in the discharge line
  • Very simple installation compared to reinforced concrete pits
  • Retractable and replaceable lid
Exploitation work is handled without climbing the pit
  • High user safety due to large hole in the restriction lid (no clogging hazard)
  • Fully inspectable due to the removable restriction lid
  • Can be cleaned with a high-pressure sprayer
  • Simple visual check during operation
  • Easy adaptation to changed drainage conditions due to exchangeable restrictor lid
  • Corrosion-free construction; therefore very reliable and low-maintenance

Ready to connect
The pit is delivered to the construction site completely ready for connection and functionally working. The maximum passage is already set to a predetermined maximum discharge capacity.

Swirl valve
The Rigolimit V is suitable for limiting the flow rate in overflow basins, buffer basins, combined and rainwater sewer systems to a previously known and determined maximum drainage capacity.

Restriction cover can be removed and replaced from ground level for maintenance or emergency emptying.

Advantages of RigoLimit V
  • Ready-to-connect delivery
  • Highly cost-effective solution
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Purely hydraulically controlled


Field of application

The well with flow limiter RigoLimit V is used when the aim is to obtain a slowed-down discharge to the surface water when collecting rainwater. With the help of such a well, the flow is reduced and regulated and peak loads in sewage systems, water treatment plants and waterways are prevented. The precipitation water fills, for example, a rainwater collection installation or an infiltration system and is then discharged in a controlled manner with RigoLimit V.


Sample application:
Underground buffer basin that discharges in a controlled manner into the surface water or sewer. This solution is used, among other things, at infill locations where new construction is taking place, the soil has a low K-value and the municipal sewage system or surface water is undersized. By collecting the rainwater in the underground buffer and having it discharged in a controlled manner towards the surface water or sewer, 2 problems are solved; namely the water is buffered in a safe way and due to the controlled drainage the basin is guaranteed to be empty within 24 hours and ready to receive the next shower.

Controlled drainage: overflow reservoirs, crate systems and wadis with infiltration system
The rainwater that drains from the reservoir enters the well with flow limiter through the supply pipe. In this case, the water runs tangentially into the well body. This creates the preconditions for the development of a self-regulating eddy current when larger amounts of water flow in.

A: free drainage (low water level)
At a low water level in the upstream reservoir space, the water in the free outlet flows directly away through the large outlet cross-section of the restriction cover. Due to the large diameter of the lid, maximum user safety is always guaranteed (no blockages).

B: controlled drainage (high water level)
When the reservoir fills up, the water has more energy in the tangential supply to the RigoLimit V. This creates a vortex flow with an air-filled vortex core, which blocks most of the lid opening in the bottom of the vortex chamber. In this way the large cross-section of the restriction cover for the regulation, which is desired for the safety of use, is limited. The strong vortex also leads to a self-cleaning effect in the event of an imminent blockage. Dirt is simply dragged along.
At the same time, a counter pressure is created along the wall of the swirl chamber as a result of the centrifugal force of the rotating water, which limits the water supply. Under the exit cover, the water sprays as a hollow jet into the water filling in the well. Here too, a self-cleaning effect is created, whereby dirt is washed away.


Example applications:
  • Pinch construction of HWA system towards surface water
  • Delayed drainage underground on sloping/hilly terrain

Documentation Rigolimit V


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