Infiltration crates packed with geotextile

Optimize rainwater management with our infiltration crates wrapped in geotextile. Sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly. Prevent flooding.

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Infiltration crates packed with geotextile

For sustainable rainwater management

Infiltration crates wrapped with geotextiles offer an advanced solution for effective rainwater management. These innovative systems are designed with sustainability, efficiency and environmental friendliness in mind.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Geotextile Protection: The geotextile covers the infiltration crates, resulting in extra protection against sediment and dirt. This extends the life of the system and minimizes maintenance.

  2. Efficient Water Infiltration: The crates ensure rapid and efficient infiltration of rainwater into the soil, preventing flooding and replenishing groundwater levels.

  3. Environmentally Friendly Design: The use of geotextiles provides an eco-friendly approach, where the system integrates harmoniously with the natural environment.

  4. Modular Flexibility: These systems are modular, allowing them to be flexibly adapted to different projects. They are suitable for various terrains, from urban areas to green areas.

  5. Easy Installation: The design allows easy installation, saving time and costs. The geotextile ensures a stable environment for the crates.


  • Urban areas
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Parks and green areas
  • Commercial areas

Environmentally Friendly and Effective:

Infiltration crates wrapped in geotextile are an ideal choice for projects that strive for sustainable water management. The interplay of geotextiles and infiltration crates not only provides an efficient solution for rainwater infiltration, but also contributes to an environmentally conscious approach to water management. Choose innovation, choose infiltration crates wrapped in geotextile for a greener future.


Contents 400 litres

Contents 600 liters

Contents 800 litres

Contents 1000 liters

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