Infiltration gutters, self-supporting type I

Concrete infiltration gutters, self-supporting type I

The DELTA-U range belongs to the I series of self-supporting infiltration channels according to the EN-1433 standard. These are infiltration gutters that do not require additional lateral reinforcement during installation. They are reinforced infiltration gutters in self-compacting concrete (ZVB) with concrete quality C60/75. They are available with openings or poured draining pavers (200x200mm).

Traffic classes

DELTA-U infiltration gutters are extremely suitable for different traffic classes A15 to D400. The infiltration gutters are capable of transferring such heavy loads to the underlying foundation, which must of course be designed and executed correctly for this purpose.

The infiltration channels within the DELTA-U range are characterized by the different types of covers, namely concrete or cast iron.

The infiltration gutters are always fitted with a tongue and groove connection, which makes installation and alignment easier. After installation, this connection limits settlement in case of incorrect use, incorrect design and/or installed foundations.

The Delta-UMI modular infiltration gutters are available with an internal width of 500-2500mm and an internal height of 500-1500mm. These can be provided with concrete grid covers up to class D, 400KN. For a width of 500mm and 600mm, these can also be fitted with cast iron grids.

In inner-city areas, rainwater cannot always be drained to wadis due to all the buildings and pavements. In addition, the existing cables, pipes and high groundwater levels require shallow infiltration solutions. Thanks to the friendly and shallow installation method, every inner-city area can be made more climate-resistant with this infiltration gutter. The limited installation depth has the additional advantage that installation costs are limited.

Gutter types M & I in accordance with NEN EN 1433

Line drainage is subject to a European harmonized standard, NEN EN 1433.
Various gutter types are described in this standard.
A distinction is made between gutter elements that must be installed without a foundation and concrete casing (gutter type I) and those with a concrete foundation and casing (gutter type M).
Many of the gutter systems supplied in the Netherlands are of the so-called type M.
In contrast to the type I, the installation of the type M must be carried out carefully. Each supplier refers to the relevant installation instructions.
In fact, the drainage channel is only suitable for the specified traffic load when it is encased in the prescribed quality and quantity of concrete.
The use of gutter type I saves considerably on installation time and the load capacity is no longer dependent on installation with concrete.
By means of a so-called DoP statement and a marking on each gutter element, it is immediately possible to see which type it concerns.


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