Grid gutters Prefaest RI and HRI

The most sustainable solution for drainage projects.

Stradal's self-supporting RI and HRI grating gutters are marketed in the Netherlands by DWTN. A self-supporting linear drainage, fitted with a cast iron "Ondine", "Bananas" or "Saone" profile grid class D, 400KN or F, 900KN.

Stradal RI and HRI linear drainage channels are the most sustainable solution for drainage projects. The patented production method, in which use is made of a very high (self-compacting) concrete quality and in which the gutters are provided with steel longitudinal and transverse reinforcement, to which the galvanized angle profiles and screw sleeves are also linked, makes it possible for RI - HRI gutters to be produced without a supporting back. can be placed. Even with traffic class F, 900KN. In accordance with NEN-EN 1433, drainage gutters for traffic areas, the RI -HRI gutters fall under the so-called I-type.

In addition, RI - HRI gutters are fitted with pre-assembled, specially developed, nodular cast iron gratings. The profile ensures optimal and rapid absorption of water. The RI -HRI gutters are also equipped with a sailing/nut end. In combination with the applied mortise and tenon connection, this ensures optimum mutual support between the gutter elements. Thanks to the prepared sealant joint, it is possible to finish the elements liquid-tight. Sand trap elements and end plates can be supplied with a PVC or HDPE connection.

Advantages of RI and HRI line drainage:

  • patented production technology
  • high concrete strength
  • steel longitudinal and transverse reinforcement
  • no back support needed
  • sealant room for liquid-tight sealing
  • great diversity in dimensions
  • high inflow and outflow capacity
  • manning trickler 95

Application areas:

  • platforms and aircraft stands
  • port areas
  • industry
  • environmental stations
  • fire training sites
  • visible HWA discharge
  • bus stations
  • center renewal
  • crossing wadi and bottom passages
  • wildlife solutions


The grate gutters prefaest ri and hri offer versatile solutions for the drainage of water. With dimensions ranging from x to y, this gutter can be adapted to different situations and loads. Whether it concerns a light pedestrian zone or a busy thoroughfare, the prefaest ri and hri are suitable for various loads. In addition, installation is simple, saving time and costs.


Grid gutters prefaest ri and hri offer many advantages. Firstly, it is a sustainable solution for draining rainwater. Due to the use of high-quality materials, the gutter lasts a long time and is resistant to various weather conditions. These gutters are type I self-supporting and therefore do not have to be collapsed like type M gutters. In addition, the grating gutter is also aesthetically attractive. The sleek design fits well with modern paving and ensures a neat finish. In addition, the gutter is suitable for different types of paving, making it flexible to use. Whether it concerns tiles, clinker or asphalt, the grating gutter prefaest ri or hri can be easily integrated. Another advantage is that the gutter prevents blockages and flooding. Thanks to the grid, leaves and other dirt are stopped, so that the water can be drained without any problems. This ensures efficient drainage and prevents flooding or subsidence. In short, with a prefaest ri or hri grating gutter you opt for a durable, aesthetically attractive solution that is suitable for different types of paving and prevents flooding.


A grating gutter is a versatile product that can be used in different areas. It is not only suitable for private use, but also for commercial purposes. The grid gutter prefaest ri and hri are specially designed to meet the requirements of the user. Whether it concerns the drainage of rainwater in a parking lot or the creation of a safe walking route in a public area, the grating gutter prefaest ri offers the right solution. Thanks to the durable materials and the high quality of the grating gutter, it can last for years without losing functionality. In short, the prefaest ri or hri grating gutter is a reliable choice for various applications and offers the user the opportunity to easily achieve the desired results.

Self-supporting drainage gutters

Self-supporting drainage channels offer several advantages over traditional drainage systems. The construction of these gutters is specially designed to function independently, without the need for extra support. This ensures a simple and efficient installation. The materials used for self-supporting drainage channels are durable and of high quality, making them resistant to various weather conditions and wear. This makes them suitable for various areas of application, such as driveways, parking lots and in an industrial environment. The installation process of self-supporting drainage channels is relatively simple and can be completed quickly. Maintenance and cleaning of these gutters is also easy, as they are often fitted with removable grilles.

Download the brochure of the HRI grating gutter here

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