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Grease separators concrete - plastic

As an importer of high-quality separators, we supply a complete range of grease separators. Grease separators, Grease traps, Grease traps and Sludge traps. Call for free advice +31 (0)40-2066240

Grease separator, Grease pit, Grease trap

DWTN can help you in your search for a grease separator . We supply a complete and certified separator program with CE-marking and/or KOMO-approval . All our grease separators comply with the European standard NEN EN 1825. As a result, you can be sure that you are buying reliable products with a proven effect.

Grease separators for different applications

We offer a suitable grease separator for various applications. There are, for example, variants for control/sampling wells and sludge traps. But we also have grease separators for catering . These are suitable for kitchens of restaurants, snack bars, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, canteens, bakeries, butcher shops and food technology. In short: you can find a suitable grease separator for many different workplaces with us.


But why is a grease separator necessary? When animal and vegetable fats, oil and sludge enter the sewer, this can have unpleasant consequences. For example, the sewer can become clogged, with all the consequences that entails. Cleaning a sewer costs a lot of money (and time) and if grease and sludge keep getting into it, the blockage will keep coming back. The following applies here: prevention is better than cure. This problem mainly occurs in areas where grease and oil are often used. Think of kitchens in restaurants, nursing homes and schools. According to the Environmental Management Activities Decree, certain sectors must separate their wastewater from grease and sludge. This can be done by installing a grease separator .

How does a grease separator work?

A grease separator works on the basis of gravity. The waste water, which comes from a kitchen, for example, ends up in the separator. The heavier parts of the fat and oil sink to the bottom and form a layer of sludge there. Because fat has a lower density than water, it will float to the surface and solidify there. The water is discharged to the sewer through the exit of the separator.

This process usually goes well and not much can go wrong. It is usually also quickly clear when the grease separator needs to be cleaned. Over time, the layer of sludge and the layer of fat come closer together. As a result, there is less room for the water, which ensures that the flow decreases. Then it's time for a cleaning.

Different types of grease separators

A separator can be in the ground, but there are also examples that are in a basement or other space of a building. If you need a large, built-in separator, it is best to choose a concrete grease trap or a polyethylene variant. You can contact us for CE-approved plastic greaseseparators, CE-approved concrete grease separators and KOMO-approved concrete grease separators. We also have separators made of stainless steel in our range.

Not sure which grease separator you need? Our employees are happy to advise you. We can also make the correct capacity calculation for you free of charge. This way you will always find a suitable grease separator. For catering , industry or at sampling wells. We are happy to help you determine the size and material. You can easily request a non-binding quote via our website.

DWTN has been a supplier of drainage products for 18 years. Due to our wide range, we offer many solutions and we can help in many areas. We have many of our products in stock, so we can provide you with a quick service.

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