Concrete gutter BG-Classic

Concrete gutter BG-Classic. The classic concrete gutter.


BG-CLASSIC Standard - the drain channel without edge profile

The BG-CLASSIC standard drainage channels are very suitable for private use as well as in agriculture, but also for intensively used public areas such as pedestrian zones or city squares: Solid, robust concrete body; Includes mesh and molded grille covers; to be secured with patent and fastening clips. Tax class C 250.


BG-CLASSIC BGZ-S - the drainage channel for heavy traffic

For areas that have to withstand heavy loads: high load class up to F 900; suitable for asphalt surfaces; Channel with cast frame embedded in concrete in Z-profile; Grilles can be screwed up to 8 times per metre; The screw connection material can be replaced at any time.


BG-CLASSIC SI - the strongest drainage channel

Vehicles and aircraft that become heavier and more intense pose an increasing challenge to the transport infrastructure. This is especially true for airports, highways and container terminals. The end of this development is not yet in sight. The BG-SI safety channel has been specially developed to meet these challenges. The gutter has a solid concrete body with appropriate reinforcement and quadruple screwed, very stable cast iron gratings. This makes it the first choice wherever there is massive heavy traffic and high mechanical influences such as torsional, braking and shear forces are to be expected.


The BG-Classic program consists of the following categories;

BG- Classic Standard. Load class up to C, 250KN

BG- Classic BGZ-S. Load class up to and including F, 900KN

BG- Classic BGZ-SI. Load class up to and including F, 900KN


Traffic classes in accordance with NEN EN 1433

A traffic class table is included in the NEN EN 1433 standard.
The traffic classes are: A15, B125, C250, D400, E600 and F900
Special gutter types are available for applications transverse to the direction of travel of through roads. We advise you to contact us in such situations.



Gutter types M & I in accordance with NEN EN 1433

Line drainage is subject to a European harmonized standard, NEN EN 1433.
Various gutter types are described in this standard.
A distinction is made between gutter elements that must be installed without a foundation and concrete casing (gutter type I) and those with a concrete foundation and casing (gutter type M).
Many of the gutter systems supplied in the Netherlands are of the so-called type M.
In contrast to the type I, the installation of the type M must be carried out carefully. Each supplier refers to the relevant installation instructions.
In fact, the drainage channel is only suitable for the specified traffic load when it is encased in the prescribed quality and quantity of concrete.
The use of gutter type I saves considerably on installation time and the load capacity is no longer dependent on installation with concrete.
By means of a so-called DoP statement and a marking on each gutter element, it is immediately possible to see which type it concerns.

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