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Concrete gutters with grating are a commonly used material for water drainage in various environments. They are made of durable concrete and have a grille to keep out dirt and leaves. This concrete gutter with grid is available in different widths and lengths, making them suitable for different applications. They are often used in parking lots, driveways and industrial areas where water drainage is of great importance. Concrete gutters with grating offer several advantages. They are strong and can withstand heavy loads, such as the weight of vehicles. In addition, they are easy to maintain, because the grille can be removed to remove any dirt. In short, concrete gutters with grating are an excellent choice for efficient and sustainable water drainage in urban environments.


Concrete gutters with grating offer several advantages. Firstly, they have a long lifespan, making them a sustainable choice. These gutters are made of concrete, which is known for its strength and durability. This means that they can withstand heavy loads and last a long time without wearing out. In addition, concrete gutters with grates require little maintenance. The grid on top of the gutter prevents leaves, branches and other debris from entering the gutter, thus preventing blockages. This saves time and money for regularly cleaning the gutters. In addition, concrete gutters with a grid ensure good water drainage. The grid ensures that the water can easily flow into the gutter, while dirt is retained. This contributes to efficient water drainage, which is especially important in urban areas where large amounts of water need to be drained. Finally, concrete gutters with grating contribute to safety. The grid prevents people or animals from falling into the gutter, thus preventing accidents. This makes concrete gutters with grating a safe choice for public spaces and busy traffic areas.


Concrete gutters with grates are an effective solution for draining rainwater and preventing flooding. These gutters provide protection to sewer systems by draining rainwater directly to the correct channels. In addition, concrete gutters with grating also ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists by providing a stable surface and preventing them from coming into contact with rainwater. These gutters are specially designed for use in urban areas, where flooding often occurs. The concrete gutters with grate have a durable construction and can drain large quantities of water quickly and efficiently. They are available in different sizes and designs, such as the concrete gutters with Urban I grate. These specific gutters are ideal for use in busy city centers, where the safety and comfort of pedestrians and cyclists are a priority. Concrete grid channels not only prevent flooding, but also extend the lifespan of sewer systems. In short, concrete gutters with grids are an essential part of the urban landscape, as they ensure efficient drainage of rainwater and contribute to the safety and protection of infrastructure.

The grid of the URBAN I grid gutter

The grate of the URBAN I grate gutter is made of high-quality material and has a sturdy construction. The cast iron grate ensures durability and stability, allowing it to withstand heavy loads and long-term use. The dimensions and shape of the grille have been carefully designed to ensure efficient water drainage. Thanks to its special design, the grate can drain large quantities of water quickly and effectively, preventing flooding. In addition, the grille has anti-slip properties, making it safe to walk on, even in wet conditions. The grille is easy to maintain and clean. Thanks to the smooth surface, dirt and leaves can be easily removed, preventing blockages. In addition to the functional aspects, the grille also has aesthetic value. The sleek design and modern appearance of the URBAN I grate gutter contribute to a beautiful and well-maintained environment. In short, the concrete gutters with grate not only offer efficient water drainage, but also a sustainable, safe and aesthetically pleasing system.

Advantages of the URBAN I grate gutter

The URBAN I grate gutter has several advantages that make it an ideal choice for concrete gutters with grate. Firstly, the durability of the gutter is a big plus. The use of high-quality concrete ensures that the gutter can withstand heavy loads and long-term use. This means that the gutter retains its functionality, even under extreme conditions.

Another advantage of the URBAN I grid gutter is the drainage capacity. The special grid design ensures efficient drainage of rainwater, preventing flooding. This is especially important in areas where heavy rainfall is common.

Safety is also an important aspect of the URBAN I gutter. The grille has anti-slip properties, which reduces the risk of slipping. This makes the gutter safe to use, even in wet conditions.

In addition, the URBAN I gutter is also very maintenance-friendly. The open design of the grate makes it easy to clean and maintain the gutter. This saves time and effort when maintaining the gutter.

Another advantage of the URBAN I grate gutter is its flexibility. The gutter can be adjusted to different widths and heights, making it suitable for various applications. This makes it a versatile choice for different projects.

Finally, the URBAN I grid gutter also has aesthetic advantages. The modern and sleek design of the grille makes it a nice addition to the environment. The grille can be made in various RAL colours. This means that the gutter is not only functional, but also contributes to the visual appearance of the environment.

In short, the URBAN I grate gutter offers durability, drainage capacity, safety, ease of maintenance, flexibility and aesthetic advantages. This makes it an excellent choice for concrete gutters with grating.

Color and finish grid gutters URBAN I

Standard: black
Available in 140 RAL colours


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