Parking garage gutter FILCOTEN parkline

Parking garage gutter Filcoten parkline

The Filcoten parkline is the gutter for parking garages. This gutter is equipped with drainage options, Corner and T-pieces, so that the rainwater can easily flow away. The gutter is available in different widths, making it suitable for various parking garages. In addition, the Filcoten parkline is easy to install and clean. The material from which the gutter is made, high-quality Filcoten concrete, ensures that the gutter is durable and maintenance-friendly. In short, the Filcoten parkline is the ideal solution for parking garages that are looking for a reliable and practical gutter.


FILCOTEN parkline is the monolithic drainage system for parking garages with a low-noise ridge profile and a drainage-optimized rib construction. Drainage systems in car parks are a necessity and they have to face several challenges. However, the classic box gutter system is not entirely successful. BG-FILCOTEN parkline is completely different: our system shows that HPC (High Performance Concrete), a modern, high-quality mineral concrete, combined with a highly developed construction, offers the right solution for every challenge.

Building materials

The high-quality concrete FILCOTEN HPC (High Performance Concrete) is a material that combines excellent technical properties with durability. The optimized high-density structure of the HPC allows the construction of drainage channels in a very stable lightweight construction - but what makes it unique is the idea behind it. The idea is unique - the result is revolutionary. The engineers wanted to create something that combines two extremes: maximum performance and minimum impact on the environment. Thanks to intensive development work, they have achieved their goal. FILCOTEN HPC unites this contrast and is therefore unique on the market.

Differences between parking garage gutters

Choosing the right parking garage gutters is of great importance for a well-functioning and safe garage. There are various factors that play a role in choosing the right gutters, such as the drainage system, load capacity, maintenance and aesthetic appearance.

Drainage system

The drainage system of the parking garage gutters is crucial for the safety of the users. It is important that the system has sufficient capacity to drain the rainwater quickly, so that no puddles of water are created. Filcoten parkline is suitable for good drainage.

load capacity

The load capacity of the parking garage gutters is also an important factor. The gutters must be able to withstand the weight of the vehicles used in the garage. Filcoten parkline has a high load capacity of class C, 250KN and is therefore suitable for intensive use.


The maintenance of the parking garage gutters is important to ensure that the gutters continue to function properly. It is important that the gutters are cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent clogging. Filcoten parkline is easy to maintain and clean.

Aesthetic appearance

Finally, the aesthetic appearance of the parking garage gutters is also important. The gutters must match the appearance of the garage and the building in which the garage is located. Filcoten parkline has a modern and sleek look.

In short, when choosing the right parking garage gutters, it is important to take into account the drainage system, load capacity, maintenance and aesthetic appearance. Filcoten parkline is suitable for a well-functioning and safe parking garage



Efficiency & sustainability find space everywhere.



Minimum weight

Maximum Robustness

Resistant to extreme temperatures and UV light

  • FILCOTEN® HPC enables lightweight construction
  • quick and easy installation
  • dimensionally stable and robust concrete elements
  • highest stability and durability
  • high compressive strength, far exceeding the requirements of EN1433
  • highest resistance to frost and de-icing salt
  • UV resistant


Perfect connection with concrete bed

High drainage capacity

  • Building material non-flammable - class A1
  • so no harmful smoke development
  • ideal coefficient of expansion, identical to the concrete environment
  • low water absorption and penetration depth
  • smooth channel surface for high discharge performance and the best self-cleaning effect




Verified Life Cycle Analysis

Sustainable production

Resources are fully conserved

  • more ecological transparency, according to ISO 14040/14044 or EN 15804
  • perfect for sustainable construction projects
  • Production with 100% green electricity
  • resource-saving manufacturing process
  • 100% recyclable, certified
  • Quality class UA (certified by the Bautechnische Versuchs und Forschungsanstalt Salzburg)


Certified durability and low emissions
  • Certified environmental and energy management according to ISO 14001 or 50001 at the Oberwang / AT location
  • Certified building biology material that meets the strict test criteria of the Institute for Building Biology Rosenheim (IBR) with regard to heavy metals, VOCs, biocides and radioactivity, styrene-free


FILCOTEN® HPC, environmentally friendly without BTEX substances

The IBR (Institut fur Baubiologie Rosenheim) has issued an environmental certificate for the BG-FILCOTEN® grid gutters. The building material FILCOTEN® HPC does not contain any BTEX substances. BTEX stands for Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylenes

FILCOTEN® HPC is a building material that consists of fiber concrete C60/75. Compared to the classic concrete gutters of type M, the weight saving of 70% yields advantages in transport and handling. The biggest advantage is that FILCOTEN® HPC drainage channels have the dimensions and approximately the same weight as those of polymer concrete drainage channels, but do not contain the so-called chemical BTEX substances.

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