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Description linear gutter Filcoten tec

The Filcoten tec linear gutter is a modular drainage system. This means that the system consists of different parts that can be easily linked together. This makes it possible to adapt the linear gutter to the specific situation in which it is used. Different dimensions and heights are available, so that the linear gutter always fits perfectly with the requirements of the user. Installing the Filcoten tec is very easy. Due to the use of filcoten concrete as a material, the linear gutter is lightweight and easy to handle. In addition, filcoten concrete is also durable and resistant to various weather conditions. In short, the Filcoten tec linear gutter is a flexible, practical and reliable solution for every drainage challenge.


Line gutter Filcoten Tec offers various advantages. One is that it is durable and has a long service life. This makes it a cost-effective solution for various applications. In addition, it is also versatile in application options, making it suitable for different types of projects. Another advantage is the simple installation and maintenance of the linear gutter. This saves time and money for the user. The linear gutter also has good drainage properties, so that the water is efficiently drained. Finally, the Filcoten Tec linear gutter has a beautiful and aesthetic design, which contributes to the appearance of the project in which it is used. These advantages make the Filcoten Tec linear gutter an attractive option for various projects.


Fields of application: The linear gutter Filcoten Tec is suitable for various fields of application. For example, this gutter can be used to drain rainwater from parking lots, sidewalks and in inner-city areas. In addition, the gutter is also suitable for use in indoor areas. Type of loads: The Filcoten Tec is a robust linear gutter that can withstand medium loads. For example, this gutter can be loaded with cars and delivery vans of 25 tons. This makes the gutter suitable for use in both light and medium traffic environments. Choice of materials: The Filcoten Tec is made of high-quality and very durable filcoten concrete. This material offers several advantages over traditional materials such as polymer concrete and steel. For example, filcoten concrete is lighter in weight, making installation easier. In addition, the material is resistant to corrosion, which means that the gutter has a long service life. Maintenance: The Filcoten Tec is maintenance-friendly. The gutter's smooth surface prevents dirt and debris from accumulating, preventing blockages. In addition, the gutter is easy to clean and any damage can be easily repaired. Compatibility with other systems: The Filcoten Tec is compatible with several other rainwater drainage systems. For example, the gutter can be connected to both PVC and concrete piping systems. This allows the gutter to be easily integrated into existing drainage systems.

Material and production process of the linear gutter Filcoten Tec

The Filcoten Tec linear gutter is made of filcoten concrete, a material that consists of a mix of high-quality concrete with fibers produced under vacuum. This material ensures the strength of the linear gutter and makes it possible to produce it in different sizes and shapes. The production process of the Filcoten Tec linear gutter starts with mixing the raw materials into a homogeneous mass. Then this mass is put into molds that have the desired shape. After curing, the molds are removed and the linear gutter is further finished. The result is a product of high quality and durability, which is suitable for various applications such as draining water from streets, squares and parking lots. Due to the combination of the material used and the advanced production process, the Filcoten Tec linear gutter can withstand medium-heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. This makes it a reliable choice for any project where drainage plays an important role.

Application possibilities of the linear gutter Filcoten Tec

The Filcoten Tec linear gutter is a versatile product that can be used in various places. For example, it is extremely suitable for parking lots, where the water must be drained quickly to prevent puddles. The Filcoten Tec has a high discharge capacity and can withstand medium loads, making it ideal for this application. In addition, the linear gutter is also suitable for shopping centres, where it not only ensures the drainage of water, but also ensures the safety of shoppers. The Filcoten Tec is equipped with anti-slip surfaces, which prevents slipping. Finally, the linear gutter can also be used at railway stations, where the water drainage system is of great importance. The Filcoten Tec is a reliable solution that drains the water quickly and efficiently, so there are no delays. In short, the Filcoten Tec linear gutter offers numerous application options and is a reliable choice for various situations.

Advantages of the Filcoten Tec linear gutter compared to traditional linear drainage systems

The Filcoten Tec linear gutter offers various advantages over traditional linear drainage systems. First, the line gutter is lightweight, making it easy to handle and install. This saves time and costs during installation. In addition, the Filcoten Tec has an excellent drainage capacity, which ensures that water is drained quickly and efficiently. This is especially important during heavy rainfall or large amounts of water. Another advantage is that the linear gutter is resistant to chemicals and UV radiation, so that it will not quickly corrode or discolour. This ensures a long service life of the product and saves replacement costs in the long term. In short, the Filcoten Tec linear gutter offers various advantages that contribute to efficient and sustainable drainage of sites and buildings.

Installation of the linear gutter Filcoten Tec

Several steps are required for the installation of the Filcoten Tec linear gutter. To begin with, the substrate must be properly prepared. This means that any obstacles and dirt must be removed so that the surface is flat and stable. The substructure can then be placed. It is important to place this level, so that the linear gutter ends properly and the water is properly drained. After placing the substructure, the linear gutter must be aligned. It is important that it is placed exactly in the right place so that the drain works properly. Then the drain can be connected. For this, the correct connection must be made between the linear gutter and the drainage system. The superstructure can then be placed. This is the visible part of the linear gutter and it is important that it connects well to the substructure and is beautifully finished. Finally, the linear gutter still needs to be finished, so that it looks neat and functions properly. With these steps, the installation of the Filcoten Tec linear gutter is complete and the drainage of water is properly arranged.

Maintenance and cleaning of the linear gutter Filcoten Tec

Maintenance and cleaning of the Filcoten Tec linear gutter is essential to prevent clogging. Regular cleaning can prevent dirt from accumulating and blocking the drain. To properly maintain the Filcoten Tec linear gutter, it is important to regularly remove leaves, branches and other debris. This can be done, for example, with a broom or a high-pressure cleaner. Make sure that the high-pressure cleaner is not too powerful to prevent damage to the line gutter. In addition to removing dirt, it is also important to inspect the Filcoten Tec linear gutter properly. Check that there are no cracks or other damage and that the drain is still working properly. If there are any problems, it is advisable to have this repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Finally, it is wise to have a professional cleaning carried out periodically. A specialist can thoroughly clean the linear gutter and detect and solve any problems. In this way, the Filcoten Tec linear gutter remains in optimum condition and can last for years.


More safety for linear gutter and grating .



Minimum weight

Maximum Robustness

Resistant to extreme temperatures and UV light

  • FILCOTEN® HPC enables lightweight construction
  • quick and easy installation
  • dimensionally stable and robust concrete elements
  • highest stability and durability
  • high compressive strength, far exceeding the requirements of EN1433
  • highest resistance to frost and de-icing salt
  • UV resistant


Perfect connection with concrete bed

High drainage capacity

  • Building material non-flammable - class A1
  • so no harmful smoke development
  • ideal coefficient of expansion, identical to the concrete environment
  • low water absorption and penetration depth
  • smooth channel surface for high discharge performance and the best self-cleaning effect




Verified Life Cycle Analysis

Sustainable production

Resources are fully conserved

  • more ecological transparency, according to ISO 14040/14044 or EN 15804
  • perfect for sustainable construction projects
  • Production with 100% green electricity
  • resource-saving manufacturing process
  • 100% recyclable, certified
  • Quality class UA (certified by the Bautechnische Versuchs und Forschungsanstalt Salzburg)


Certified durability and low emissions
  • Certified environmental and energy management according to ISO 14001 or 50001 at the Oberwang / AT location
  • Certified building biology material that meets the strict test criteria of the Institute for Building Biology Rosenheim (IBR) with regard to heavy metals, VOCs, biocides and radioactivity, styrene-free


FILCOTEN® HPC, environmentally friendly without BTEX substances

The IBR (Institut fur Baubiologie Rosenheim) has issued an environmental certificate for the BG-FILCOTEN® linear gutters. The building material FILCOTEN® HPC does not contain any BTEX substances. BTEX stands for Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylenes

FILCOTEN® HPC is a building material that consists of fiber concrete C60/75. Compared to the classic concrete gutters of type M, the weight saving of 70% yields advantages in transport and handling. The biggest advantage is that FILCOTEN® HPC linear channels have the dimensions and approximately the same weight as those of drainage channels made of polymer concrete, but do not contain the so-called chemical BTEX substances.

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